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Now I know it's not my Country so my opnion really doesn't mean shit.... oh wait, what America does seem to effect the whole world, especially with us being America's Allies an all. Now before anyone say's anything, I don't mind that. I actually love American people.... well most of them. I just can't stand there current and now re-elected administration. I really really was routing for Kerry... Not sure how much better he could of done but I do honestly beleive he would of been better than that fuck wit Dubya.

Honestly he is the most stupid world leader I've seen, and his Religious Rehteric just makes me want to puke most the time. Well I'll keep my fingers crossed that Bush doesn't manage to do anything else monumentally stupid in the next four years... I'm not that hopefully though.

At least one thing goods come from this for me personally. It's give me a deeper conviction in taking politics that bit more seriously. I mean I've had the ability to vote in my own country for...erm 6 years (nearly) now, and I've voted twice, and not really been too bothered about who I've voted for. You best beleive from now on I will be sure to take more of an interest just to make sure my own country never has a Prime Minister anything like Mr Bush. I doubt even with my intervention we ever would, I mean we don't have as many Redneck Moral Zealot's out here, but still I just need to make sure I do all I can...

I'm very dissappointed in you America :(....

P.S.. still much Love for you all though :)

Later... will actually try come back rite a proper update soon. Got a lot to add if I can remeber it all :)
Toodles for now.
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