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What most possibly was the best entry in the world ... Eva!

Yes, I did pen (okay typed), what most possibly could of been the best LJ entry in the world ever. It was full of drama, intrigue, Love, Betrayal and all those other good things. Was the perfect length, not too long, not too short.... and had just the right spice to appeal to everyones pallet. Even had a cliff hanger ending that made you want more, but kept you satisfied also...

... unfortunatly due to circumstances out of my control it has been banished into oblivion by a sudden and freak power outage (grrrrrr). It now only exisist in my mind as a fading memory (plays the violin). Now I could try recreate it, but I just know I would never do the original justice, Infact I doubt I will ever fashion another journal entry quite like it in my entire life, so I'm not even going to try.... Instead, heres a bullet point version of my last entry, as I so can not be bothered to type it all out again.

* Went to a nice family Bonfire Friday night at my Mothers Work

* All the immediate family, including my Big sister, and her Daughters, as Well as my Brother and his daughter was there.

* All the Family Except my Dad was there. Mum said she didn't want him there, which I thought was rather mean... but can kind of understand why she may say it... even though I still don't agree with it.

* Had fun, didn't like the cold, but fell in love with the hypnotic flames of the fire.

* Resolute to try go to another one next year as I've opted out of Bonfire night Celebrations for the past 7 years.

* Spoke about whats been going on in my life lately.

* Moving out on my own, has taken many steps for the good. New Social worker, a lot more support, more information on all front's and now am feeling very confident about the whole thing happening within the next year..... hopefully

* Spoke about my last Trip to Manchester, as well as my first ever attempt at going fishing! Was fun!

* Spoke about my slowly breaking out of my solitude lifestyle... okay nothing major, but at least I'm not so resolute on not speaking to people.

* Spoke about me making a new friend online, but also how it seems the friendship may not have endured honesty.

* Spoke about how I meet another Young lady in Manchester who most liekly I could form some kind of relationship with, but I won't as I feel she's probably too young for me (18), a friend of mine likes her, and technically knew her first (being honourable an all), and well to be honest I still don't think I want to risk it again yet.

* Spoke about many other little occurances that have happened but none of which that are overly important. Mainly wheelchair problems, christmas shopping issues and the likes.

... and that was mainly it.... I think.

I promise though I will try keep this more upto date infuture. I know I keep saying it, but surely if I keep saying it one day I'll actually do it. Then again, I'm not entirely sure if anyone reads it anymore anyway lol, which beg's the question, who the heck I'm doing it for in the first place.... myself, or my imagined public? lol... abit of both probably. I do it for myself to keep a record surely, and to vent of course.... but I think I like also having people read it *shrugs* oh well :).

Toodles for now *waves*
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