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Never again.... Never, never never again will I touch the Demon brew. Boy did I pay for all that fun I had last night this Morning... Thankfully though, a couple hours in bed and a Christmas Dinner later I'm actually not feeling to bad at all... Ok a little queasy in the stomach but its liveable. I can't lie and say reading my own diatribe didn't also help add to that... Why is it drunken people feel they need to unload things that they probably should keep tight lipped about... especially when there hold on the english language is at its worst... Still saying that.. I'm not gonna take it back... I said it, and wether I would or should of is irrelevant. They say that drink brings truth... well I guess it does in a slurred worded kinda way. I stand by my last nights statements... although some what sheepishly. I do beleive my computer should get a drunken state firewall though... you know have some kind of challenge that you couldn't possibly do drunk.... oh well.

Christmas day, well the parts I've managed to stay concious for has been good. Presents as always now I'm older were nothing to get extatically happy about but still nice none the less. Jim-Jam's, Socks, smellies... You know the usual afair. To be honest though I probably needed them anyway :). I buy myself all year round what I want anyway, and usually not the common sense sensible things... Usually the boy's toys... so Christmas is a good opportunity for me to top up on all the regular stuff I should probably buy :).

It's been a nice day... Hangovers aside.
I hope you all have also had excellent Days.

Toodles for now.

Disclaimer: while I do frevelent beleive I'll never want another alcoholic drink as long as I live... I also know I'm a ficile weak individual. My promises of never straying to the Demon's brew should be taken with a pinch of salt.... In other word's It's more than likely.. Bullshit!
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