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So I'm a year older....

..... 24 who'd of thought it, and I do mean literally. When I was 16 I never thought I'd still be breathing at this age. Of cause I had no reason not to... just the fact that alot of my friends with simular conditions were all dropping like fly's around me... then again I've always been somewhat stronger than most of them... but still I really didn't beleive for one minute I'd make it. Thankfully I have. Now I'm here I see my younger me had nothing to worry about.. and probably won't for a good few years yet :).

So As with most days lately I've spent my day in bed sleeping. Yup I'm still on my vampire mode. It is good however as I do plan on going out tonight and having a little... or rather big birthday drink. At least I won't be tired :).... Still I have a knawing feeling in the back of my mind. I feel rather hazy right now.. not happy (as I should be) but not bad either... but this feeling thats tugging on the back of my mind feels so famiular. Hopefully I'll end up plunging into drink and a false happiness before the familuar feeling catches upto me.

Well here's hoping I have a good night. Right now I'm off to get changed. Just thought I better add a little birthday note before I go out. I mean even though it may feel like any other day (cept with cards and such), it is after all the day of my birth, I should acknowledge that know?

Bye bye for now.
Who knows may end up with another drunken ramble upon my return.
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