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... 'Hello? is this thing on?'

Well howdy y'all. I think (but am not entirely sure) this has been the longest amount of time I've actually gone without an update. This time however I won't make the promise I'll try not to let it happen again as its highly evident I'm just a bold face liar at this point. hehe.
So what been happening with me..... an absolute shit load to be fair. So much so infact I'm kinda at a loss on where to begin. I've opted out of the trying to cram the year + amount of time I need to account for into a long thoughtful brain wracking post, and have decided to go for the much easier, less length and detailed breif summary... unless I get carried away like I very much used too.

I'm in love! Have been for over a year, and am currently in a relationship. *gasp, shock, horror* Yeah I know. I wouldn't have thought it either but its true. Funny how having someone love you, and you loving them back can enrich your life so. Whats even better is this relationship has breached the realms of the cyberdomain I used to solely rely on for companionship. We actually can and do see each other frequently, for realz! This added component of a relationship is something I never used to think was that vital, but by god it is. I don't want to get into too much detail about the lucky or unlucky (as some may veiw it... bastards!) lady as she does deserve a whole host of seperate in depth journal enteries to herself at some point. If I ever manage to drag my arse back here again I'm sure I'll do just that. I do love her to bits though and for some odd reason that I find unfathomable she loves me back just as much *swoon*. I've also had *cough* realtions *cough* with said women. Another big monumental change in my life that was long coming. Well worth the wait IMHO. Turns out I've got some skill in that department too! Who knew. I always guessed I would have, but its good to finally know for sure!

Family life is going okay. Mum and Dad, got divorced but apart from that everything pretty much as it was. It just so happens we all should be moving out of this house soon and all getting our own places and moving on with life. Its for the best.

As hinted at above still not out on my own yet but will be very shortly. Were talking months now not years. Excited about it, still a little scared though.

Physically a little weaker... its to be expected I supposed... still doesn't mean I have to like it.

Brother is fine. His Daughter Chyna is 5! Can you beleive it. Little madam she is, but super cute with it. Clever too. sometimes too bloody clever but I love her too bits.

Ermmm what else.. gee that can't be it... feels like so much more.... doesn't matter anyway, gotta dash have company. I'll try be back soon... but Can't promise for definate I will be. I guess now I'm actually happy I really don't need to vent or wallow quite as much. Fun how that works huh?

Love you all

P.S. Batty, you shouldn't still be reading this hehe, but I kinda hope you are. Got your lovely Christmas card. Hung it up with the rest, but somehow it got misplaced when the Christmas decorations came down... and me like the chump I am lost your e-mail addy. If by some miracle you see this. E-mail me if you can rememeber my address.... so I can get back to you. If not erm... oh hell here it is: wfelix_2000@hotmail.com (no perverts please... except you bats hehe joking). Love ya hun.
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