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Well it has been a while now hasn't it. I haven't written here in sooooo long. In fact I only just remembered about this site while scanning my bookmarks the other day and have since been reading all my old entries. Hehe its odd to read back now so many years later... So much has happened, and so much has changed... I've changed too... but not so much that myself of the past seems alien to me. I'm still very much the same person... Just older!

I think I'd like to start this back up, mainly cause I have at the moment a lot to get off my chest, and not really any other outlet to do so... but where to begin with the catch up. To bridge the years and the person I was with where and who I am now. I think I'll just do a brief summary of where I am this minute for now...and come back when I have the time and energy to write entries detailing whats been going on.

I finally have moved out of my home and am now living independently. Only took 6 years. To be fair though that's my own fault. I didn't push as hard for it before as I should have. However its done now and as of January this year I'm living in a 2 bedroom flat. So far its going really well. I'm enjoying it anyway. I've found it wasn't quite the answer to all my problems that I thought it would be... but its a start to moving my life forward at least.

Yes I'm single...again! My 3 year relationship came to an end just before Christmas. I won't dwell too much on it in this entry as if I keep this journal thing going again, chances are they'll be a few colossal entries detailing the whole thing. How could they not be as its without a doubt the biggest thing that's happened to me the past couple of years...possibly my whole life up to this point, and has left an impact, both good and bad.

My family has changed some what too. The old house we used to live in non of us live there any more. My Mum has her own place and a boyfriend. My step-dad moved in with his girlfriend, and is now engaged to her. For those who paid an interest at one point in my life his girlfriend now was the woman I had suspicions about back then so its hardly a surprise to me. Its old news now though, and were all at relative peace about it all. Good luck to them. My sister is all growns up. She's finishing her masters at Uni this year, and has moved in with her boyfriend of going on nearly 8 years (I think) a long time ago now. She seems happy, though very busy.
My brother... well I never know what's going on from one day to the next with him. He has had another child since. A little boy named Deonté. I'll see about putting a picture up later. However he him with another woman not his girlfriend of old.. though there still together. So yeah you can imagine the drama. If I was to write more about it.. I'd be here all day. So yeah that's the family situation. Where no long all under the same roof... but where all relatively happy which is good :)

Erm what else... well there's not really much else to say that I can say briefly. I need to go into more depth and if I come back here again soon, I will. I hope anyone who used to read my journal who may see this now will continue to do so. I hope your all well, and life is treating you kindly. I guess I'll find out too if I start coming here regularly again :)

Goodbye for now,
Hopefully I'll be back soon to document the new chapter of my life as well as chronicling some of the chapters missed.
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